Bobby Giles and Texas Gales

The Music of Life

gale is defined as “a very strong wind” and/or “a burst of sound”.  When one thinks of the windswept Texas plains and the iconic culture of the region, it invokes a sense of timelessness; that of strength and of passion, and a uniquely American, western nobility. If you listen closely, these storied Texas winds will faintly carry the sounds, the songs, and the ghosts of yesterday across the land. They carry the tales and legends of mighty bygone storytellers straight to the hearts, souls, and ears of the younger generations… who are now listening and ready to retell their own unique versions of these ancient poems.

And yet, a “gale” is also known as something to be reckoned with, it is forceful, it demands your attention.  And, in like fashion, so does the music of Bobby Giles & Texas Gales.

To tell you the truth, the members of the band, affectionately known as “Galers”, might even tell ya that Bobby can be mighty “strong-winded” at times himself; but, jokes aside, he’d be the very first to tell you that he absolutely could not produce the definitive ‘burst of sound’ that BG&TG is quickly becoming known for without the guys who unselfishly make up the rest of this burgeoning Texas Bluegrass phenomenon!  Nor would he want to.

Bobby Giles, Steve Loggie, and Lenny Nichols are the epitome of teamwork. Naturally invoking the spirit of Texas bluegrass through their musicianship, they are inspiring musicians, interpretive arrangers, loving husbands and fathers, loyal friends, and spiritual brothers. They love the Lord, each other, their families, and they LOVE Bluegrass Music.  BG&TG has traveled through life together and they bring this shared experience and a warm, natural easiness to their music… which they like to refer to as “The Music of Life”.  This tangible warmth also carries right onto the stage with them, as it permeates every note played, every word of every lyric sung, and ultimately, brings you right up beside the “campfire” to enjoy the warmth of their spirit, fellowship, and their singular brand of top-shelf bluegrass music.

While these gentlemen have been making music together in various configurations for years now, this is the debut recording by Bobby Giles & Texas Gales.  However, it will become crystal clear almost instantly that these men have been long and keenly listening to the winds of the ghosts of Texas.  The texture and timelessness expertly woven into these songs is unmistakable, and it speaks to lifetimes of experience and quiet wisdom.

Yes, these men…they’ve surely been listening.  And now, we’re fortunate to be able to listen as well.  As these capable gentlemen share their passion by way of their musical gifts, they pray that these stories will move you to experience life more abundantly in that place where dreams come true for you.  As Bobby says, “In the lovin’ hands of our Father, as He conducts His perfectly grand orchestration of life, we all get to play an integral role in His beautiful songs”.


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